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The Boat
Where is the boat docked?
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CAD2 is docked at 7 Parker Street, Gloucester, MA 01930. There’s a parking lot at 3 Parker Street, next to the Three Lantern Marine Store where you can pull right up to the dock to load in and out.
What type of boat is CAD2?
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The Cape Ann Diver II is a 45-foot U.S.Coast Guard Inspected Dive Vessel. The vessel is powered by an 8 cylinder, 325HP Detroit Diesel engine. It's licensed to carry up to 31 passengers with two crew. The vessel features a raised enclosed wheelhouse, on-deck bench seating with tank storage for up to 20 divers, an enclosed salon with a dinette and forward berths, and an enclosed head.
How many divers can CAD2 take?
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CAD2 is the largest dive boat in New England and, to allow for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, can take a maximum of 12 divers at one time.
Does CAD2 have a bathroom?
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Yes, CAD2 has a bathroom with a fully-functional marine head. Our crew will instruct you on the head's use in your boat briefing at the start of every charter.
The Dives
Where does CAD2 take divers?
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CAD2 runs to a variety of dive sites from the rocky ledges in the waters off Cape Ann, to wrecks in Stellwagen Bank. For a full list of the main sites we dive, check out our Dive Sites page.
What certifications do I need to dive on CAD2?
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Click here for complete information on how you can make sure you have the right certification and experience for a particular dive.
Do you do tech charters or allow tech diving?
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Yes, we do offer tech charters in addition to our Tech Season Pass. Tech charters can be found on our schedule or if you are interested in booking a full boat for a tech charter with specific sites or goals in mind, you can reach out to us directly at the email address on the footer of this page.
Will there be a Divemaster in the water?
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Traditionally, New England dive boats do not provide an in-water guide. The crew will provide a comprehensive briefing on the dive sites you visit and can assist you with basic surface support but they will remain aboard the vessel while there are divers in the water. The dive shops in the area can provide guide services for individuals or small groups if you would like an in-water guide. Reach out to if you’d like to book a local guide.
What if I'm a beginner diver?
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Whether you're new to diving or new to New England's cold water environment, CAD2 has you covered. Our schedule will show you which charters are appropriate for beginner divers. All dives are briefed onsite by Dive Professionals so you can make an appropriate dive plan for the conditions. If you have any questions before your dive don't hesitate to reach out. Our goal on shallow/beginner charters is to share the joy we feel for diving off Cape Ann!
When should I arrive for my charter?
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We recommend arriving at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Our intention is to leave the dock at the scheduled departure time to ensure we can get you to your scheduled site and back on time. The boat may leave without you if you are not on board, make sure you're there on time.
Does CAD2 provide equipment or amenities?
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CAD2 does not provide equipment. If you need it to dive, you must bring it with you (including tanks and weights). We also encourage you to bring your own snacks & drinks for the charter. This is especially important during COVID-19 since we don't want to have any shared amenities if we can avoid it.
Do I need to sign a waiver?
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Yes. All divers must sign our waiver before diving. The waivers will be distributed to individual divers and can be signed electronically during the booking process. If you are part of a dive group, the leader will distribute the waivers and guest forms. Please make sure to complete your waiver promptly upon receipt to ensure a smooth departure and avoid dive-day issues.
When is the dive season?
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Weather always plays a part in deciding the true start and end of the dive season, but the CAD2 will be running regularly and generally runs from April 1st to October 31st.
Am I expected to tip the crew?
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Dive Professionals much like other Service Professionals work very hard to make sure those under their care are happy and have an amazing experience. While they do have a pretty awesome job, it's not the most lucrative career in the world. Tipping isn't mandatory but it certainly goes a long way to help those of us who work in the dive industry. We recommend having some cash with you to tip your professionals and crew if they do a particularly good job for you.
Can I book the whole boat?
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Absolutely. When you book for groups of divers on our website you’ll automatically access our group discounts: book five, get one free, book 10 get two free! Group bookings can also be scheduled by reaching out to us at the email in the footer of this page.
Can I bring a non-diver on the charter?
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No. Non-divers are not allowed on the boat unless they have reserved a spot on that charter.
Do you do winter and offseason diving?
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Winter and off-season diving is available but it is highly dependent on weather, demand, and other factors. Make sure you are connected with us on Facebook and subscribed to our newsletter to ensure you get info regarding off-season charters we offer.

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