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Cape Ann Diver II is the premier dive charter in New England for recreational diving, technical diving, and freediving. The boat is owned and crewed by avid divers who have been diving these waters for decades. We are docked in Gloucester, MA (though you may occasionally find CAD2 in the waters to the North and South for special adventures.)

Whether you are doing your first dive, or logged so many that you stopped counting after four digits, you'll feel at home on CAD2. Our team is the most knowledgable dive crew in the area. If there's a great dive site or wreck around here, we know it and we dive it.

Why Choose CAD2?

The Cape Ann Diver II is a 45-foot U.S.Coast Guard Inspected Dive Vessel built by Chesapeake Work Boats in 1982.

The vessel is powered by an 8 cylinder, 325HP Detroit Diesel engine. It's licensed to carry up to 31 passengers with two crew. For practical purposes, and to allow for social distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic, East Coast Dive Charters, LLC is limiting the passenger load to 12 divers during typical operations.

The vessel features a raised enclosed wheelhouse, on-deck bench seating with tank storage for up to 20 divers, an enclosed salon with a dinette and forward berths, and an enclosed head.

The Cape Ann Diver II is perfectly suited for New England diving.

Our Crew

Nick Fazah
Captain & Managing Partner

Nick is the joint owner of the CAD2. Nick began diving at the age of 13 and gained experience driving charters in the Keys while studying and then working at Halls Diving Academy. Since moving to the Boston Area a decade ago, Nick has been a managing partner at East Coast Divers in Brookline. Nick is an SSI Instructor Certifier and the International Training Director for SSI’s Freediving program. Nick leads the safety team at the annual Redbull Cliff Diving U.S. event. Nick can teach rebreather divers on the Prism2 platform from Hollis Rebreathers.

Max Konig

One fine brisk November day in 2007 Max got certified in Hathaway's pond and was instantly hooked. He became an avid New England diver and got his open water instructor cert in 2012. He eventually ditched his engineering career to become a full time scuba bum for ECD. He spent the last few years basking in the Caribbean sun and divemastering on a Caribbean liveaboard. He even picked up a captains credential along the way!  He has since made his triumphant return to Boston and can be found fixing boats during the week and captaining CADII on the weekends.

Kat DeStefano

Kat started scuba diving by accident in college (she meant to sign up for fencing). She did her cert dives in Bimini, Bahamas in 2000, fell in love, and became a dive instructor in 2005. She spent the next 7 years as a dive pro on land and liveaboards in the Caribbean and earning her 200 ton captains license in 2010. She moved back to New England in 2012 because there are no good donuts in the Caribbean, but has a sweet gig remotely managing a Bahamas liveaboard so she can bounce back to the tropics whenever she wants. Its slightly different from the Caribbean but she loves getting out on the water in New England captaining the CAD2.

Alex Dulavitz
Managing Partner & Mate

Alex is a joint owner of the CAD2. Alex began diving in New England at the age of 13. After falling in love with the sport he enrolled at Halls Diving Academy in the FL Keys where he went through professional training and gained experience with charter operations. Alex is the joint owner of East Coast Divers, the lead service technician, director of technical education. Alex has been teaching technical diving since 2006. His love of technical diving, cave diving, and equipment made Alex a natural fit to co-develop SSI’s updated XR (Technical Diving) program. Alex can teach recreational and technical diving on the Scuba Force SF2 and Hollis Prism2 platforms.

Matt Peters
Partner & Mate

Matt is a joint owner of the CAD2 and the lead on marketing initiatives for East Coast Dive Charters.

Matt began diving at the age of 16 and became an instructor with NAUI while in college. After years of traveling and diving for fun in various warm water destinations, Matt got into New England diving in 2018 and is now getting deeper into XR diving and rebreathers.

When not underwater, Matt can be found leading customer success at a Boston tech startup.

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