What dives are right for me?

When choosing a dive charter the greatest consideration is the operating depth of the particular dive site(s) you are visiting.

Many of the sites that we visit have sloping walls that can be dived either shallow or deep. For our list of dive sites we make note of the minimum operating depth of the site. That is our way of saying “this is the shallowest you can do a nice dive here”. Many of these sites get significantly deeper than their minimum operating depth but our focus is to ensure anyone who wants to join a charter can participate safely. 

If you are unaware if your level of certification qualifies you for a certain dive site you can checkout our Agency Course Equivalency Chart below to make sure you are properly qualified to join for the depth of the particular dive. 

Finally, just being certified to a certain depth does not necessarily mean you will have a fun and safe experience. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND any diver who is new to New England or cold water diving get some experience dives in shallow water first before moving deeper.

Diving in cold water introduces significant challenges that even deep warm water divers need to master first to be comfortable on a deeper dive in cold water.

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